So. The huge media storm over Indiana’s new religious freedom law is raging and people are screaming and crying, rending clothes, businesses are pulling out and/or telling employees to stay away, the usual talking heads are talking, talking, talking and chewing through airtime like a fat man at a donut shop and I’m all like “meh.”

I say the law didn’t go far enough.

They should immediately amend the law to say this:
“Businesses, of any size, in the great state of Indiana (go Hoosiers!) may deny goods and/or services to any class of citizen based on any characteristics deemed offensive by the business owner, whether it is based on religion, nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc.,…


…if services and/or goods are denied a specific category, then that category must be prominently displayed on the outside of the business in I foot high block letters visible from at least 100 feet away. An example would be “WE DO NOT SERVE HOMOSEXUALS” or “WE DO NOT SERVE BLACK PEOPLE”.”

This way, it will be abundantly clear to all patrons exactly what kind of assholes own those businesses and they can make decisions to shop or not shop there.

Deal done.

Problem solved.

Big Fat Brains

Think of it this way…

…everything we know, that has been taught and explained to us, it all depends upon one thing…that we have brains extremely similar to us all. It’s our brains, the thing we use to make sense of all the gazillions of data bits coming in through eyes, ears, noses…and the very skin that wraps us up and keeps us from spilling out all over the floor…that makes all of this meaningful. Because how our brains are constructed really forms the basis of how we understand the universe and ourselves.

Don’t believe me? That’s your brain talking ;)

We can’t help it, it’s the only tool we have for explaining the unexplainable and we do so (to ourselves) every second of every minute of every day of our lives. Does a tree believe in god? Do grizzly bears know about the big bang theory? Are fish aware of the idea that they are made of molecules and atoms?

No. Within the confines of their reality, they all understand what they do based on the abilities of their thinking parts…their brain…and cannot fathom anything different. But…

…none of what they think or what we think changes the underlying structure of reality. Ever. Think of this…if you’re standing somewhere that is supposedly meaningful (spiritually, religiously, etc.) like a church or synagogue or temple, it is only because someone told you so—specifically and measurably there is no special sensation, no radiating warmth, no buzzy feeling that you could define that says that that place is “special”.

Someone had to tell you.

We’re told that leaves are green, water is wet, the sky is blue and trillions of other things about reality because, well, just because. We have to call them something…things have names simply because we need to talk about them to understand them. That’s it. There is nothing inherently special about anything from a metaphysical perspective just because mankind gave it a name.

Reality just is.

So the point is that without our big fat brains, if our “thinking” never existed to name things (like the area between your nose and upper lip…philtrum by the way) then they would be changed in no way…ever…at all. And that counts for every single thing in the universe.

Even you.

Think about that the next time you start to feel that events are overcoming you, that the world is getting to be too much…because it’s just words meant to describe stuff that will happen regardless having a name.

Feel better?

We Hope

We call this life difficult
madness, meanness we accept
that we don’t know, that we
are only who we are
when we are simply us…fallible
broken, dreaming of endings
that rise toward being
who we think we should be
never are, never are
and we climb out of our
own abyss to try to see
the shadow of the person
we aspire to be when
we want to be good/moral
we’ve been told is the model
the saint, the magic
we can never see…we hope
and in that small slice/sliver/crack
that minute of wonder…
…we are
all of it…until we aren’t and that
is who we really are…motivated
by living by seeing and believing
that we are more
than we can ever think
we are…and…
…we are.

An Interesting Thing


It’s an interesting thing, the view
from pillow, a corner of an eye…
all the way from what I knew
to what I know
she lay in a shallow nest
created by linen, by bodies, by
the effect of time and movement
she watched me I know, like I was
her…seeing a new view
her and me, different
in the idea, the sense
new because ideas are new, not
that they really were, many
have had them…just
that the moment was something
never seen, felt…so…
in small moments and in the Half
dark of a Sunday morning
it was new to me
and in her just sleeping eyes, I saw
an interesting thing; a thin
slice of who she was, her thinking
in her own idea…
…I saw her
and in that spark, that moment
the world slowed
for a second an hour a day
and in my view I saw her
letting me be…just me…
and it was a wonder
…wonderful and all because
of her being her.

Free Free Free

Free speech.

Say it. Feel the words in your mouth. Understand that two other words don’t exist on this planet that have the power that those two word have. The changes those two words have wrought are immeasurable and globally significant…they alone have changed more lives than any other words ever uttered, blogged about, written down or otherwise communicated.

There are two key parts to the phrase; free and speech. When you think of the word “free” you don’t ever think “well, some cost but mostly free” or “in some situations, based on who is nearby, maybe not totally free” or “based on where it’s said, which institution owns the joint, it’s not really free.”


Free as in without constraint, without condition or proscribed or situational controls. Free. Free. Free. And then we have the word “speech”. Speech doesn’t just mean what is vocally said but also any idea that can be expressed between one human and another.

A cartoon, for instance.

Or an advertisement or editorial or pamphlet handed out on the street or a senator droning on monotonously in Congress or a commencement speaker at a university and on and on and on…


The very instance the word “free” no longer means unrestricted or unrestrained…the very moment that it becomes burdened with some persons idea of control and limitation then it becomes useless to a free people. It becomes (AGAIN!!) the tool of the powerful to be used to oppress the weak.

I’ve seen and heard people say that it was irresponsible for Charlie Hebdo to publish the cartoons of Mohammed because they were poking a bear, that they should have known that there would be retaliation. Possibly violence. Quite possibly…


Which is exactly why they needed to publish those cartoons.

You can write laws against people yelling “fire” in a crowded theater or against people writing lies designed to hurt others or unfairly gain reward, etc. but you cannot conditionalize freedom of speech or freedom of the press. You cannot arbitrarily limit what people can and can’t say in the public forum because the second you do, the very moment that that happens then all of the despots and theocracies and dictatorships on the planet are vindicated in their belief that they alone should be allowed to control ideas.

You give them that power.

Without the free flow of ideas then we’re all done for and back where we started…

…back where people who promote Sharia Law want us to be.

Fuck them.

Not So Suddenly

the effect of displacement, a
motion downwards, toward
the moment of recognition
all guided with intent…
separating the believed
from what is seen, looking,
a smudged lens, a distorted
mind’s eye seeking clarity…
still falling and unafraid…but
wondering, passing ideas from
back to front, from then to
now, seeking a landing…
an emotional well, untapped
the bottom rising, reaching
the scent of rose or something
beautiful, something you…
an outreached hand, a moment
a few words scribed on the air
we shared between us, your
breath I could feel…
I wait in the fall, the feeling
wrapping, holding me, something
mystical and strange; I am
falling without movement…
I think like I’ve done, like I’ve
never done and wait…because
the falling I am doing, the falling
that is me…
…is you.

All for a loaf of bread…

OK, one day you need some bread so you go to the store…

I walk into your house, right into the kitchen, when you weren’t home. I opened all the cupboards and moved the dinner dishes from one cupboard and put them in the pantry next to the breakfast cereal boxes, I moved the water glasses into the refrigerator, I moved the stuff from the junk drawer (c’mon, I know you have one…or two) from the kitchen and put it all in the glove box of your car, and on and on until I had the house organized exactly the way I wanted…regardless what you thought or how you did it before. I based my organization of your house on several studies done by esteemed researchers who had carried out experiments in universities.

Then I went away.

You get home and blow a gasket, “WTF!!!” you scream and you start putting things back in the places where their use was convenient, at least to your eyes and to you using them. Water glasses next to the sink makes sense, why the hell they were in the fridge is beyond you. You continue along your merry way making the house—your house—the way that you want it to be, the way it suits your purposes.

The next day I stop by

I immediately see that everything is different from where I put it before. I walk up to you with a gun in my hand and demand that you give me all of the money in your wallet AND that you put everything back the way that I had it, the way that the researchers said it should be. You refuse to do so citing the fact that it’s your house, it’s your private property, that nothing you do can be construed to be detrimental to any other person.

At gunpoint I lock you in the hall closet.

The next day I have a someone come in and feed you every day and watch you for the 20 minutes a day when you’re allowed to go to the bathroom but are then escorted directly back to your closet. Eventually I confiscate your house and all the property in it because you haven’t paid me for the cost of feeding you and I give it to a third party who sell it to someone else.

I move you to another house and another closet.

The person who now lives in your house one day goes to the store for some bread…

Welcome to America, entitlement programs and the taxes you pay to run those programs)