Let Me Say This…


Thousands and thousands of the little buggers all strung together a trillion different ways, different meanings…contextual or not…meant to convey ideas, plans, philosophies, advertisements, love, sex, death…and on and on and on. A million million paper books in libraries known and unknown across the planet, a billion times that in digital storage on hard drives, in the cloud and on and on and on…


All those words are useless without action. Without some human somewhere deciding to use that word, those words, and do something to change the earth, the moment…or simply their own mind. We have words upon words muttered by person after person about things like climate change, about things like income inequality, about things like racism and sexism and a billion other “isms” and nothing changes because there is no meaningful action….

…no follow up to the words.

People use words to demonstrate that they are against…or for…whatever but they so skillfully ignore the fact that they aren’t actually “doing” anything about what they are for…or against…beside talking about it. Climate change was talked about by hundreds of thousands of people yesterday here in NYC, while marching toward…what? Hope? Hardly. Change?


The massive cost associated with switching to a renewable energy society will make most poor people a lot poorer because the high cost of “solving” climate change in their mind is worth it, is worth making poor people’s lives worse because they are saving a planet for “our children”. They know the words but they ignore the actions. They know the value while ignoring the cost. They want the world to change as long as they themselves don’t have to.

They are idealists.

But idealism has probably killed as many people as all the wars have but still it’s held on a high banner and looked at fondly as more and more words are spoken and written and emailed and shouted and on and on and on. And they feel good about what they “accomplished” even they have done nothing real or enduring except shouted words on a street in a city of a country on a planet circling a minor star out on the edge of just one a many billions of galaxies.

Nothing changes without changing yourself.

Believe. Go. Do.



All men, the oldest as well as the youngest, will hold their stomach in when a pretty girl passes by and women wear padded bras and makeup from the moment they learn that it is what society tells boys to be attracted to. We are all liars, to some degree, as honesty doesn’t seem to reach down into our reptilian brains and afford us the notion that we can choose not to follow the herds. Dishonesty as an institution is deeply embedded into our psyche but, not so curiously, as the result of Mother Nature’s wants and needs versus our very own. Our job on this rock, according to her, is to make more of us…


So Nature has created us to be liars—from the very first cry out of the womb—with the better fib winning the better mate…and from then on society happily obliges to add additional categories for us to rationalize our inherent dishonesty. The aforementioned padded bras, artificially trim belly’s and makeup as well as expensive suits and cars, dyed hair and on and on and on because the only way that—us making more of us—is sustainable over long periods of time is if we constantly improve our species in order to meet the demands of the environment. The “now” environment, it is important to note, versus the one we collectively grew up in over the last 100,000 years or so.

So we wear our suits and color our hair and paint our faces and inhale sharply when a pretty girls passes by…and all the other seemingly inconsequential lies we tell others (and ourselves) every single day…even as we profess that honesty is an ideal and object of desire and inherent characteristic of the human equation.

Lies about lies.

All the while the simple fact that naked and standing alone we are what we are…without pretense, obfuscation or deceit…and that we are made that way, every single one of us, made equal and amazing and important and deserving and beautiful and loving and…human. But we have been inoculated and institutionalized by countless generations of ignorance and religious proselytization into believing that it just isn’t enough and in fact that that it is wrong. That who we are, naked and innocent, is immoral and against society.

That we are born wrong.

So we spend the rest of our lives lying to one another… just trying to be right according to society…and then lying about lying in an endless circle of self-loathing and deceit.

I know this; you—all of us on this planet—were not born wrong. Understand and know that…not easy and not immediate…and start living the life you should, one without lies, without pretense, without guilt and sorrow.

Life the life you should have from the beginning.

Believe. Go. Do.



This is I know…we all want to achieve something…success, acclaim, cash money, whatever and the only way to attain that success, that acclaim, that wonderful end-state of perfect awareness is to set a goal, a very clear and concise goal, for what we want to change in our lives. Small goals or huge goals, they are all the same…think of them as a spot on the horizon that we’re continually sailing our ships toward. Always toward that spot, never varying our course. It’s the only way. And knowing that, understand that the spot, even the horizon itself, will never get closer to us than it was the moment we made our choices about our goals.

And that’s the point.

The horizon isn’t actually there, it’s an idea, a way of describing a concept so that people can talk about it in a meaningful way. It’s the line where the sky meets the earth…and you will never reach it because it moves with you, always a constant distance away. The point is that by driving yourself to that impossible place, that line that doesn’t exist, you will never notice how close your goals are coming toward you…until suddenly…

…they are achieved.

A very rich man was asked “what is the secret for earning 10 million dollars”, his answer was “try to earn 100 million.” A revered martial artist was asked what the secret to breaking a board with his fist, he said “aim to hit a spot 3 inches behind the board.” The secret for achieving your goals is to overreach, to plan past the goal because you will never know what you are capable of when all you ever do is plan for what you already know…

…and never give yourself a chance to discover something new, something you couldn’t imagine yourself capable of.

Understand that perfection is impossible—just like the horizon is impossible—but that everything inside you, everything you choose to do, is not only possible but inevitable once you make the decision.


…it’s that simple.

Believe. Go. Do.


I blame you

Victim blaming.

The naked celebrity brouhaha and what Kate, Jennifer, Selena et al should or shouldn’t have done. Rape victims and how our patriarchal society assumes a certain level of responsibility that the woman should be accountable for…and on and on and on…

I think we’re missing the point.

It’s not victim blaming when I tell you that you made it easy for your car being stolen off the city street because you left the keys in it. No, of course the car thief is totally to blame and is 100% accountable for the theft but can you affect, in any way, his choices? You bet your ass you can and that’s by not leaving the fucking car keys in the ignition. He looks at two cars…one with keys and one without…which one is he stealing?

Of course he’s taking yours.

And that’s the point. There are things that people can do to minimize, mitigate or eliminate the risks of phones being hacked, cars being stolen…bodies being raped…but to ignore those strategies because it is “victim blaming” is just plain stupid. These are things that you and I and every other person on this planet can do, now, ourselves, without having to wait for legislation or societal norms to catch up that will make other people change their behaviors. A shining example is that, of course, we need to teach our boys to respect girls and not rape them…

…that’s pretty damn clear…

…but to literally do nothing to protect oneself while you wait for that to happen—while you wait for a 3,000 year old misogynist, patriarchal society to completely transform itself—is the epitome of being a dumbfuck. When I say that an easy way to prevent naked pictures from being hacked off your phone is to not have naked pictures of yourself on your phone, I’m not blaming you for the theft, I’m simply telling you an easy way to prevent naked pictures from being hacked off your phone. Or like me telling you to take the car keys out of the ignition…

…you get to make the choice regardless what choices the other person makes.

If someone truly wants steal your car/photos/safety/whatever, they will usually find a way but also know that you have choices—that you can make—that will either make it more difficult for that to happen, or make it easier. Period. It is in no way victim blaming for me or anyone else to tell you various CHOICES YOU CAN MAKE for how to better protect yourself.

Choices *you* can make…

…go figure.

Believe. Go. Do.


Song of the Stars

Song of the Stars

I am looking
for the stardust
that you are made of,
the essence
of the universe
in your eyes
I am longing
for the emptiness
and deep silence
of the long
slide through nothingness
of space
of time
between breaths
between stars
I am believing
and I am
what might be
your soul
the glittering void
forever and
as everything
turns again
and again
from blistering light
to frozen
rhythm of life

Brave New World


Old way of meeting girl on street (verbatim) around Union Square:

Me: Hey wow! Excuse me! I just had to tell you that you have one of the most gorgeous smiles I’ve seen.
Girl: Haaa haa, thanks!
Me: No problem, I just had to tell you that…or, and beside the Barnes & Noble on 15th, is there another bookstore nearby?
Girl: Um ,there’s the Strand on 16th
Me: Oh yeah, I always forget about that, but that’s it?
Girl: Yeah, all I know, I’m not from around here…
Me: haaa ha, me neither, I’m just over in BK
Girl: I love Williamsburg but it’s getting so, I dunno, weird.
Me: Totally weird, definitely, but I live closer to Dumbo. So where do you live?
Girl: UWS near Riverside Park
Me: Very cool, I’ve run in that park a few times.
Girl: I loooove Riverside Park
Me: Haa haa, awesome, listen I’ll check out the Strand but can I get your number, maybe call or text you sometime?
Girl: Sure, my name is Gina…
Me: Haaa haaa, sorry, my name’s Trevor…here, where’s your phone…I’ll punch my number in…

The New World of Meeting Girls

Me: Hey wow! Excuse me! I just had to tell you that you have one of the most gorgeous smiles I’ve seen.
Girl: Excuse me?
Me: I was just saying how beautiful your ey…
Girl: That’s a little patriarchal and condescending, isn’t it?
Me: Um, I was just…
Girl: You were just subjugating me and assigning me to some mythical beauty standard I could never hope to attain, is what you were “just”
Me: But I was only complimenting you on your…
Girl: I KNOW what you were doing and I simply refuse to conform…how’d you like it if I aggressively attacked your appearance? I’m sure you’d feel quite uncomfortable.
Me: Attack? Aggressive? I was merely…
Girl: You were merely perpetuating the stereotype of the easy girl because she’s in a short skirt and tank top walking on the street, you were…
Me: Complementing you, I was merely…
Girl: Oppressing me.
Me: Um…I was…
Girl: OK, listen, I know what you wanted to do, what you want from me, what every man wants from every woman and I’m simply standing up for myself and the women I know. You think “complimenting” me is all fine and dandy but it’s akin to verbal rape in that I never asked you to say those things nor would I give you permission to if you had asked. Society has trained you…and me…to assume that I am a sexual vessel merely for you to use and then discard when done. I am not and will never be again. Until society teaches its young men that they are…
Me: I think I’ve just turned gay.
Girl: Fabulous, here’s my number lets go catch a show sometime!!

Another Choice

To deal with insecurity do this; find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes with your hands folded in your lap. Imagine you’ve shrunk down the size of a mouse and you’re at the center of your body, like you’re in a huge hollow “you” shaped cavern. You’re looking at all the interior surfaces of your skin and can see the fact that you are completely air and water tight. Nothing gets in and nothing can get out. Now imagine slowly expanding yourself until you swell up larger and larger until you completely fill that big cavern.

Now you can feel completely you, self-contained, impregnable and strong. Regardless what is outside your skin, you know what is inside, everything that makes up what you are…solid matter as well as thought. Aside from food and water and shelter, there is nothing that is needed outside your skin for you to simply be alive on this planet.


Everything that is not “you” has to be outside of you…you’ve already seen your inside and there’s no room for anyone but yourself…so you have the choice to let what is “out there”, in or not. It makes no difference what it is…love and laughter, pain and torture…you get to decide whether to let it inside or not.


Insecurity is caused by the moral and value judgments of you by the people who mean something to you. You cannot be judged by someone who you don’t give a shit about. It’s simply not possible, and all of the judgments against you have to come from outside you…even when you judge yourself because someone taught you that, that teaching came from outside you.

The next time you start to feel insecure…remember yourself; self-contained, impregnable and strong…and look to where the judgments against you are coming from…and…then…simply…turn…them…off.

Believe. Go. Do.