Tomorrow’s Tale


On this planet
in this time
with these tools
with this mind
we are who we are
but not who we’ll be
some will go far
some have no need
some will shine brightly
others; darkness inside
some will burst forth..and
some will just hide
some feel stuck
destined to fail…but
tomorrow is
a different tale

Tomorrow’s tale is
of strength and fury
of dreams and sadness
of kippers and curry…
tomorrows tale is
of rich and poor
of tooth and nail
of less and more…
tomorrow’s tale is
of fate and dreams
of motion and stillness
of boredom and schemes…
tomorrow’s tale is
of tiny and large
of lifting and dropping
of timid and in charge…

Tomorrows tale is
of the things we can’t see because our shadows block out the view
of things we can’t feel because our emotions seem untrue
of moments we will ignore because our events are too much of “us”
of love will never have because we just can’t get past a loss

Tomorrows tale
is always and forever
everything just everything
that can and can’t be
always just always
it is written
it is written

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