Regret Paints Our Past

Regret is the strongest of all the oceans

lapping constantly against the shores of our

eroding and destroying by the smallest amounts

eventually erasing all we thought would last.


Acceptance is the
ability to look at the water

to know it’s cool depths
and possibilities

to breath deep, jump in
and start swimming

confident…reaching forward effortlessly


Regret is the failure to accept reality

an enduring and unchanging picture

we imagine it a film to be re-edited

a film without benefit of fixture


Acceptance removes the
veil from our eyes

drops filters, brings
down the walls

allows us to see what is
real and before us

to hear the sound when
the universe calls


Regret is…and regret

the things we fear the

acceptance takes an
opposite role;

the spirit in our ghost


Regret paints our past with drab colors

unhappy, brooding, dark and cold

making us remember life as glances

blurred and graying and just…old


Acceptance is the
rainbow after the rain

ionized, electric air

creating vibrancy where
there was nothing

making us see only what
is there


Regret is a pebble in our shoe

our memories wear to walk this road

it is a constant and painful reminder

what we live with; how far we have to go


Acceptance becomes the

which becomes our feet,
becomes our shoe

and we only feel the
freedom of walking


in the end

that is what

we all



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