I didn’t know.

For years
I remember looking
at myself, my
life…the small and huge things
the microscopic, the
and seeing none of it clearly
I was too close, too
far away
too involved to see, too
apart to notice;
because of another
human being…
someone who was
not me, not
my shadow, an
amazing & unannounced
beauty, a deeply
felt awakening
wholly unanticipated
I could see me
a contrast, a
sharpness…what was unfocused
was then clear, what was too
not nearly
close enough…and
in that refraction of sunlight
and dreams
I no longer
looked at myself
in order
to see


quiet still hesitant

I don’t know that feeling, when…

…when you meet someone new

today, last week, yesterday but they have been

there for years, for


for so long that you can’t remember them

not being

but you’ve just met the corporeal version;

human v1.0…

not the imagined, visualized

fantasized, dreamt version


I met

so hello feeling…

and it’s a hard thing, it’s shaking my head

rubbing temples, closing

eyes and blinking

it’s wondering if this is what it means

to die…to see the thing I’ve



in those corners of my brain

I don’t even

have a name for…

is this


is this real when what it is,

is too correct, too


I want to yell, run

and scream down the wet street

all while

not moving

sitting waiting quiet still hesitant


the other




In that moment

In that moment

that slight tiny little

moment that arrives

that alights on

skin, on the precipice

of beginnings, I am

watching you

through happy eyes

through mysterious

shadows…I see you

under folds, under white
linen, the warmth of meaning

like condensation

coats skin…from my

breath I am falling

toward you, toward

the moment when

we impact when

we entwine, hold our worlds
tightly together…

when the linen sheet

slides away falls from

skin from heights

from the moment

when, watching you becomes

and almost everything

becomes you

in that moment

I am


Not me.

Turn the other…I’m trying to learn
how to love evil, to embrace
hate, to be that impossible person
because we’re supposed to
(someone impossible
said once)…but…
there is so much beauty and
stupidly obvious goodness, so
much other
than hate/evil; it seems like
it is immaterial
needless unless we acknowledge
that we give a shit
I don’t

I don’t want evil to exist
to flourish
to be in mind, head, soul
to be allowed
so I refuse to notice, to
mind, to care…to
evil hate danger death corruption
a place inside, a warm spot, a
cozy alcove in my heart
I simply refuse
to be that
impossible person.

she, he, she, he

They amazed each other
in their own thoughts
feelings, but
without thinking, they
let a history of missing words
a complex, sad
enervating & unexpected thing
them; a wall
glued together
words unsaid
with too many
thoughts unshared
she, he, she, he,
they breathed in disappointment
like ground fog, kicked
up around restless
feet…it filled nostrils;
an acrid and stinging
rebuke—it was everything
nothing—it was what could be…
couldn’t be
he, she, he, she
and while they watched the moment
they were it: the thing
that couldn’t

arc under linen

Sunday morning
and my eye
follows a curve under
striped linen, grey and white…
I feel the empty weight
of waking up, the small motions;
the rustle, barely heard
of hearts beating, lips,
our breathing and an
of sadness, of longing for
the last dream
of living, loving, looking forward
and not back
she is there, the curve
the arc under linen, a
hip…an arm…
as sunlight filters though
partially blocked
windows, the grayness
seeps away…from the room
from me
those curves, that hip
all of her;
the dream can’t

What I See

This I know…

Reality is the same, regardless who experiences it. Your reality is exactly the same as my reality…but we see it differently because—within our conscious perception—we are looking through our own lenses. As we grow up, we go through many different experiences—benign, traumatic, amazing, awful, ecstatic, horrible, good and bad—and these experiences add distortions (scratches, smudge marks, fingerprints, etc.) to those lenses. When we think of what reality looks like, no matter that reality itself cannot change, what we see is definitely not the same reality that others see.

This is a problem.

Because each of our perceptions of reality is different, we have a fundamental barrier between all of us that prevents things like cooperation, sympathy, empathy….love. We strive for these things but are constantly battling a misalignment of language, of meaning. We talk past each other—continuing the strife and angst between us—thinking the reality we see is the same that they do. We are not aware that, while we simply see things differently, we are both still subject to actual reality.

And actual reality couldn’t give a fuck how we see it.

It is not easy understanding that we see reality differently therefore it is not easy to believe that reality is the same, regardless who we are. It is not easy to remove the distortions because we’re so used to them we cannot imagine another way of seeing. It is not easy but our shared future depends on it.

Knowing this allows us to realize that our essential purposes are exactly the same—to live, love and be loved—so our goal should be to work toward removing those distortions in the lenses through which we see reality. To, one by one, eliminate each distortion so that reality becomes clearer and clearer. It is by these actions that we will get clarity because with clarity comes understanding and with understanding comes cooperation…

…and love.

And that’s something we can all see.

Believe. Go. Do.