Things I Just Know Are True #21,002

I complimented a friend on a picture today—something that was taken years ago—saying that it was beautiful and the response was basically thanks but I didn’t think so back then. For some reason that reply jarred me a little awake, and made me think. Maybe because of the current circumstances we’re under; having lots of time to do so, it made me think deeper than I normally would. I started thinking about how we look at ourselves and it dawned on me that we spend so much time imagining what we look like to other people that we entirely forget to think what we look like…
…to ourselves.

Seriously. When you look at yourself in the mirror, trying on different clothes…when you look at photos of yourself, taken in different places, with different people…I’m betting with almost 90% certainty (I’m not a fool) that what you don’t say to yourself is “hey, look how pretty/handsome that person is!” without adding “if only that (insert something you dislike about yourself) wasn’t there”.

Or the something that is missing that should be there.

The problem is that you know “you” so well—after thousands of hours looking at yourself—that all of the nice, attractive, pretty, handsome, etc. stuff that actually does exist, you’ve stopped seeing years ago. Because it doesn’t have to be “worked on” or dieted away or any number of self-help things; you simply don’t see them anymore. Those aspects of yourself, you don’t see. You don’t see the 100% that everyone else sees…

…you only see the 10% or so that you don’t like.

And you imagine that it is 100% of what other people see…how could they not? That 10% becomes 100% of who you are—to yourself—so that when someone compliments you, you’re surprised because, really…

“Who the fuck are THEY looking at??”

So, the next time you’re looking in the mirror, or looking at photos of yourself on Facebook or Instagram, wherever and whenever, stop looking at yourself though what you believe are the eyes of other people, where your imagination is that they only see what you don’t like about yourself (the 10%) and start looking at yourself through your real eyes…

… and start seeing 100% of you.

Believe. Go. Do.

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