Victoria sits down and smiles at a perfect, personal joke

Her fingers finding solace in each other, with slowly raised eyes

A napkin suffers in the turmoil between her hands, a look

Out the window at the fading night, a new sunrise


Victoria shifts a little in her chair as the gauzy window curtain

Is blown back and forth by an unseen draft, unfelt but the room cools down

Slowly…and the joke inside her, a perfect thing, it grabs a hold and

Brings a grin up from somewhere below the radar, fades itself over the frown


And Victoria smiles

Miles and miles


Victoria reaches for the curtain to smooth a crease, straighten a hem

Thinks for a moment and her fingers pause and float for an instant

Waiting for the thought to land somewhere close, to become a memory once again

But it doesn’t and she is woken, wondering where the thought went


Victoria waits but it is gone and she is sad because it was a nice thought

But now it’s not even a memory so she barely feels its passing away

And that brings up something else but she quiets it because it’s not the right time

The sun is up over the rim of the earth and it’s the start of a new day


And Victoria smiles


And miles

And miles

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