The Path

Aloneness isn’t alone…it has the command to
create, to empower, to build up what was once
broken and unable to stand on its own.

Aloneness, with and within ourselves, may be the
most difficult, the highest order of patience required,
the coldest place we can ever really know…well.

The absence of external pressure is not designed
a reason or motivation toward aloneness, it just simply
the residue of making complicated decisions.

Retreating (some say it like that), retreating causes us
to move forward toward intimacy, toward
understanding and acceptance of who we are & could

Don’t call it retreating, call it believing in the
perfect truth
the perfection that rests inside and shows edges and
small bits when we look long and hard…honestly; with

To understand who “they” are, the world, the universe
starts with understanding one person among billions
from the inside out, from here to there, from the beginning.

Movement toward the present moment, this single instance
of where we live, love and can be happy/sad,
excited/bored; everything real
may look like standing still…like anti-movement.

The movement of our thoughts can’t be seen, can’t be
instruments outside of our own shadow are useless, it is
control and that is how it is supposed to be…it is our reality.

Aloneness is not loneliness
it is power and foresight
and the path to love.

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