Without a Fight


They sat across the table, 3 AM; the light threw shadows
across their faces

She said; I have demons, deep inside and just below the
surface they swim

She said; darkness lies within and toward the outside I am
looking in

She said; I am afraid and yearning to be calm and quiet but
I am who I am.


The light swept across fixed features, across ideas, across
the table

He said; I am who I should never want to be and always wake
up to myself

He said; without thoughts, I am a cold draft falling from the
upper shelf

He said; I can only see what I have seen before; I have seen
you now without help.


The light simmered in the background; waiting to rise, to
sink, to creep away

She said; you seeing me is the only thing I have ever done
without fear

She said; your ideas the only ones I have ever tasted so

She said; you are who you say? the heights you fall from cannot
be near


The light stopped to listen, the shadows slowed then and then….gone

He said; your darkness can’t scare me, demons are powerless
in their touch

He said; calm and quiet is what you have always been…always so

He said; you are who you have always been and always just such


The light regained its momentum, resumed it’s ever steady

She said; let me touch the magic that is inside your night

He said; you now live in my hearing and in my sight

She said; let us sit calmly and quietly share this light


He said; exactly…it is the light

the light has won without a fight.

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