Three is the number that is the
special one; triad, trio, triple

triangle; each point one third the
whole…I’ve heard in dreams it
is sex family mother father child

I don’t know about
why some and not others, why
people relate to them, why
they are special to you or
you or you or you…but
to me.
I see numbers everywhere, all
and nothing, two for one, half

off, a dozen jelly-filled, ten fingers
ten toes…Dave’s top ten, divided
multiplied, subtracted and
fractions and decimals and all
in my head, in my
mind the numbers never
they are only numbers;
symbols for something else
an untouchable thing, a
ghost from something never alive.
Numbers are us and we are
numbers, we are symbols
but; we hope (we
count on)
not being something
else…not being
by the

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