I Do It Everyday

I think sometimes we look around ourselves
like we have just woken up, opened

our eyes…and see
things we don’t recognize, don’t know
think we haven’t seen before but
someone said earlier "I know I created this"
and we all do…we all do.


Now with eyes open we
did we get to this
place point moment time and
wait for a sign that we are


We’re not.


But the place point moment time we
are at has some meaning, some
weight and solidity…some piece
of reality and we remember, we
feel the face of yesterday peek
over the shoulder of


Yesterday we were strong, we were
confident peaceful mostly mostly
mostly…happy…mostly not
what we are

Tomorrow I want to be yesterday
with newness, with
difference but
without the memories
of today…and
I know it can, that I can…
because I do it

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