They Shared Their Light


Two stars rose in the night, sharing the horizon for a moment, for
an eternity…in an instant…a flash of 1,000 mile an hour emotion
a rumble in internal reaches, an external movement always

Images of her drift through thoughtless eyes, land on
infertile ground…fade into the ebbing noise of living
leaving the faintest hint, the slightest stain, always just

They shared their light and burned brighter than ever; that
alone they couldn’t, that thinking allowed them to, that
darkness persuaded cajoled argued pushed always

It’s not sadness that drives the thought, that pushes
the idea, that slowly quickly, ebb and flow, come and go
makes the day creep ever closer to the night, to the

Time walks away from us…we follow…we follow but not like
we have a choice have a preference have a plan we follow because
we are here at its pleasure, its simple little ego stroked by

I like the idea of stars combining shining brightly, the idea of time
as a fickle master…of images falling into nothingness…of
ebb and flow…of come and go…of

Ideas are manifestations of reality based on perceived events, they
aren’t reality, they aren’t stars in the sky, they aren’t romantic notions
lost on lovers tears, lost in the shadow of time…

…they are soft glimpses of what we want…based on what
we don’t have
what we have…based on what
we don’t want.

Ideas are us.

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