Dog Walker


She sees things that I can’t see
feels them in ways I can’t imagine
knows the textures of thoughts
senses where the line gets crossed
and defines herself in a fashion

She wants things that no one wants
has things that no one else has
watches it all with a mindful spirit
talks where others would fear it
tries hard not to remember her past

She has strength past arms and legs
past lifting or pushing; she resists…
where others would fall down
she finds her way around
will of mind and not of fists

She is beautiful in the way the world is
an inner radiation warming outward
never trying, never minding how
always moving, always now
seeing her time here as ever onward

A lost soul found on rocky shores
on endless scenes of temptation
she walks the walk of the resolute
always…always toward her truth
and the inevitable inward revelation

She is
just that…
the inevitable

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