The Things We look For


When we look around at each other; at
the floor where we walk, the walls that hold us in and
apart, we think about what we already have and
we know that the things we don’t…are
the things we look for.

Once we have something, or think we have it, know
we have it…we stop looking…it is ours, it
becomes a part of who we are, who
we want to be, an echo that stains the ground
around us.

We are known by that shadow, then, that sliver thin
emptiness in our eyes…for not looking we are someone
else…but what happens when what we look for
is never found seen known had and is only
only only a dream.

We become that too, I think, we are also the absence
of things, the empty spot on an emotional
shelf, an untouched dusty corner of a long forgotten
closet…these are us like the car in our driveway, the
look on our faces.

There is a divide, many many many divides
actually…all based on differences; what we have and
the things we look for…making us seem to be
separate but reality nudges with a reminder
that have and not have are the same.

They are each a side of a coin, a perspective, a
view inoculated by society into silent looking
people, us, into an advantage that we think we
have but separation is no answer, no
advantage at all.

The things we look for and the things we
have, absence and participation, while they float
inside the perimeter of our souls, they
are don’t own control command us, they
are and are not who we are.

When we look around at each other, we
make decisions, we can change, we create our own
futures rolling out in front, the past lost
to those echoes that stain the ground…the
things we look for are…


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