The Burning Center


Consider our souls like they were people
like they had form; had places in the
physical world all waiting for us to give
them a ride somewhere…we’re 16 years old;
they are an 11 year old sibling wanting
wanting WANTING to go to the mall

How much do we listen, do we know, do we
care because it is duty, it is forced that
we go where we go or it feels so much
like that, so much a chain leading us to
sustenance, to dreams of not being
led…but we lie to ourselves…

Every day, today, we stare at billions
of choices of paths of ways to get from
there to here, here to there, past ourselves
and into a future unwritten but always
open to ideas schemes scenarios plans
and a path to put our feet

Nothing is so lost as an opportunity
not taken, a choice not made…swallowed
by the past, eaten by history with nary a
compliment to the chef…they become
detritus, dark ideas that litter our dreams
with regrets…

Our souls aren’t people with a place they
are us—we are them—we are all of who
we are and at our core, in the center of the
sun burning the center of the solar system
within us, we are choices all inter-coupled
all related and dependent on freedom

That is the shadow eater, the light that
shines into and past the broken edges
of our confidence; freedom to be, to fail,
to win, to always always always decide for
ourselves and if we consider our souls, we
are happy going to the mall after all…

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