Light Through A Window


With a sliver of sunlight sliding
sideways through
the window from the street
warming my thoughts like
shallow bath water
covers and warms my feet
I ‘m thinking of kindness
had, felt, joined and enjoyed
shared with abandon, trepidation,
suspense and relief…and
something I can’t reach
something of my own creation

I’m thinking of you, painting
a picture in my mind, waiting
for what is true, crying
for lost time.

The sunlight angles as the day
grows long and into
through and past morning
the sounds from the street
echo inside and around me
night comes past without warning
I’m thinking of sadness
not because it’s bad or that
it should be suppressed
but because it’s needed
and required when
I’m lonely and depressed

I’m thinking of you, watching
a picture in my mind, looking
for what is true, searching
for lost time.

Sunlight is almost a memory…
shining in the window
a streetlamp lights my dreams
illuminating the same I guess
without the warmth
at least that’s how it seems
I’m thinking of humanity;
kindness and sadness
a universe of ideas and motions
all living loving having;
losing, smiling…crying…
enough to fill up an ocean

I’m thinking of you, seeing
a picture in my mind, asking
for what is true, saddened
for lost time.

Now darkness; I haven’t moved
haven’t thought to or tried
to rearrange my past
have just watched it
felt it’s breath as it went by
a little stunned at how fast
I’m thinking of circles now
interconnected; a “start” is the
other side of an “end”
we’re the same and different
sane and confused
male and female, enemy and friend

it goes around,
I’m thinking of you,
it goes around,
a picture in my mind,
it goes around,
for what is true,
it goes around,
there is no lost time

it just goes around

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