She Thought, He Thought


She saw the danger in his eyes, saw
an empty promise a glittering ending
more than she deserved
or wanted (she thought)
He felt her trust like hot wool on
a (warming fast) April morning, like
the tip of a pencil writing in one
long line, (he thought)
She imagined a diversion an alternate
motion quite unlike what she knew
was perilously close to choosing
now, (she thought)
He regretted not saying not believing
love was a spring shower a gentle mist
but inevitably fucking with traffic, and
life, (he thought)
She said “Now is too late to be too
soon” and went away with her heart
intact, her tears reserved…her Life
in tatters, (she thought)
He waited amidst the showers he was told
were something gentle and found tears
where before he had little more
than hope, (he thought)
She sat in the shadows thinking and
dreaming of words he never said, words
he did…waited a beat, two and
returned to him empty, (she thought)
He thanked all who would listen and put
his words in a shining box of promise, locked
it with a kiss and buried it where
it wouldn’t be found, (he thought)
She held his hand and waited
He held her back and smiled
She looked for the glittery ending
He wiped away a tear
She accepted
He let go
(they fell in love).

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