What We Wear


It is with abandon we let go these earthly bonds, free
the ties that bind us root-like and static…we wish…
in dreams of flying of letting go of the fear that we
wear like clothes that strangle movements that slow
our progress forward.

Like clothes the fear wraps us but we can’t really see
ourselves as wearing it, being it, just see ourselves as
ourselves we think no different from the next guy girl
walking haphazard down the street seeing others
as we see and be seen.

Until we know what is there, there is nothing there like
seeing red through a red lens we see nothing even
though we know know know it’s there, without the filter
without the artificial-the manufactured-the created for
your viewing pleasure…

Religion doesn’t really remove anything…it’s purpose
is to layer some higher meaning on top within about
to explain and control, denude and deny the fact that
underneath is the same the same the same no matter
who what or where.

Politics is a different religion with different rules but
additive and additional…nothing simple enough if it can be
difficult and can create control divide and define one side
versus the other and convince us that more clothes
are really necessary.

Boyfriend girlfriend husband wife another example of
the threads that are spun on the loom which makes the
fabric that creates the clothes that we all wear while all the
time ignoring them, pretending that they are what we chose,
that we picked ourselves.

But we’re 6 again or 9 or…waiting for the school bus in
new Sears jeans so stiff they make us walk like stick figures…
in the wrong color dress-pants-ugly shoes sister’s top and
we give in because we can’t see ourselves any
other way.

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