This Gets In My Way


I don’t care about your God
your deity your Allah your
supreme being the sparkly
thing that catches your eye the
source the energy the whatever
you place at the center…that is
yours; you alone get to decide to
own and remember
…but what I can’t have (can’t
reach) is religion, is oppression
is money politics greed
sitting on my consciousness;
watching listening in on my
heart talking to my soul
(to my what and my when)

I am not angry (that is useless)
a movement backward
I am wondering, as always
and this gets in my way

All the while I am regarded by
this “not me” as lost/less/not
included when by my humanity
I am whom I should be without
judgment disparity without
thought. I want to live to
love be loved be happy safe
sane and watching all the while
to learn to live the straight arrow
of truth flying perilously close to
understanding where I fit-fall-walk
and scream within the confines of
this sad body…these motionless
moments of stillness while I wait
for the man with the sickle black
robe burning eyes…destiny pointing
pointing pointing down the
path toward endlessness
and infinity.

I am not sad (that is foolish)
a moment stunted
I am imagining, as always
and this gets in my way

I am not done (that is senseless)
a mission standard
I am living, as always
and this gets in my way

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