Toe to toe we look at the opposite and see what we know
what we have always known…never from the perspective
looking at us.  We try we think we try we hope to be impartial
impossible improbable but tried/thought done; thought
accomplished…no…a mask of uncertainty covering a fallacy
we call experience.
We are not the other side…we want to feel have hear and
be the other side never getting there always looking across
an impossible channel chasm empty space while hoping
dreaming wondering what it is to be there whole hopeful
anxious and waiting for a convergence of thought foretold
in experiences we never have.
No need left to argue to reach when the door is locked the
windows closed and smiles are put away, fingers retracted
glad shaking hands in pockets eyes averted waiting for us
to release them let them go back to ignoring their own best
intentions/ideas/feelings toward a life yet known by
experiences denied

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