It Was Us


The sky broke today
pieces fell around me
like confetti like soft glass
cracked mirrors reflecting
myself back to me…I
saw my reaction how I
felt how the world moves
as different ideas rise
on waves of voices on
a cold front of dreams
falling down human
enveloping and covering
it was God it was Allah it
was a plutonium atom
losing an electron and
another and another I
sit in a broken place, in a
small minute of quiet
I look where the sky used
to be and it is empty
the air rushing toward
the deep hole where
hope used to live and
for an instant, my
breath squeezing its way
out of me completely, I
saw a peaceful serene
beautiful place and knew
it was only ever inside
me and holding holding
holding it there (like we
all do) it was me it was
you it was us who
broke the sky.

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