Shadow Life


We are collections of simple shadows/of those
things we have done thought/felt/saw/heard…have
been…the assumed completeness of us blocks a
harsh light of a reality intent upon exposing us,
our/what we live to hide/what the internal idea of
us won’t admit…who we are

These shadows travel over our daily lives/at
once covering and uncovering them/sliding with
masked judgment past our failures/our unmade
beds/our missed opportunities and we only see
feel/hear what the shadow isn’t covering…now…
or now…or now.

We don’t know we are shadows/thinking we are
light/we are illuminating when the sad truth—the
mechanism within—is that reality is/can be
the only light…we see brightness where we aren’t
in the way…where (in our accidental movement)
we happen to not be.

Being a shadow isn’t bad/evil/dark/isn’t wrong or
not right; it just…is…like what it is supposed to
be/a thing/a movement/a minute of awareness to
catch the shift/the slide of dark silk across rough
hands/across the surface of our lives/not changing
but noting where meaning lives

Evolving/changing/growing and opening our eyes
will never banish the shadow/like breathing cannot
destroy air/like knowing today cannot erase yesterday
we are allowed…no…we can only recognize/watch
and enjoy and revolve around the profound idea
that we need to step out of our own way.

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