She Smiled Like a Boy



She said if I were a boy I would be you
he laughed and said me too, the pillow
between them hiding the shadow
of a morning felt dreamt imagined


He said I can’t remember being comfortable
like I am…like your skin is warm, like the
room has no temperature…only
what I feel at fingertip…on lips


She said they are green, your eyes
your blue eyes are green…he said I am
happy maybe that maybe there is
something that changes


He said I lost time…I don’t care but
you do, today you do, you promised
said you’d walk somewhere, go with
someone…help support…connect


She said an hour is a day with you, a year
in a minute seconds falling faster slower
around us like confetti like pieces of
this dream we’re in

He said we are we are…don’t wake me
she said sweet dreams she
said it again…he touched her face, she
smiled again and again.

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