This is Now


Standing on the street watching it go by, this
life goes by, goes on and we watch we should be
should be in it, with it, around it but living has a roll
a gait and swagger and we need to walk the walk
talk the talk while juggling and singing and dancing
all performers in the circus—the never-ending
day in and day out—but what is different what
is the alternative the choice other than to
reject retreat return to the beginning when
the beginning is too far away, lost in the haze
of misremembering of pretending we knew
what we didn’t know all toward a single time
place…now…where we couldn’t be if we hadn’t
been everywhere else first second third all
up and down the line we inhale and exhale and
feel life sink into us become the moment the
time that we feel, the idea we have, the only
thing we can point to and say…this is me, I am
here…standing on the street…watching…doing
having and being…now.

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