hearing our own thinking

  1. She lived in that moment where the intersection, a simple
  2. line over line created a single from a multiple, reduced by
  3. expanding…she became more by taking less but in the end
  4. had too much to give as he fell within her sight within her
  5. heart…he tried but trying wasn’t what was needed when
  6. she had in her head everything she knew to be true
  7. He fell by never believing that rising was possible, was
  8. something thought real…something external brought inward
  9. absorbed contained converted with motion without thought
  10. all imagined like life is just an illusion waiting for revision
  11. looking for meaning mining the bottoms of our dreams for
  12. anything anything anything resembling god love life death
  13. It rose quickly the urge the movement the seeping little
  14. feeling sliding right around from the back to the front, from
  15. none to all…it made him think and realize with open eyes
  16. with nothing close to knowing I was wrong when right and
  17. knowing what begins also ends and the reverse is more true
  18. than not, more this than that…just more
  19. Sadly he embraced his happiness fondly remembering the
  20. pain keeping him sane, keeping thinking within range of the
  21. power pulsing beating heart all the while floating thinking
  22. spinning slowly toward a line of sight mission …the long sad
  23. arc of death pronounced as begun at the first wail of birth
  24. the first molecule connecting splitting replicating
  25. Complications—in the end—are nothing but the complexity
  26. invoked when communication obscures reality when the truth
  27. remains embedded in a common understanding within
  28. common sense…like knowing seems so much more powerful
  29. when no one cares that what we know is nothing less than
  30. the ability to hear our own thinking

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