what we need to see

There are horrible awful things that happen, that
destroy our trust our lives our ideas that we are
human loving able to unite become a force a motion
forward a positive progression step step stepping
into a bright and clear future

There are horrible awful things

There are magnificent things that happen, that
build up our confidence our trust our understanding
that we aren’t destined for horror for destruction hate
violence of flesh and idea run run running toward
the edge of the abyss

There are magnificent fantastic things

As humans we are both; magnificent and horrible living
two worlds simultaneous when we have learned to
believe we are single amongst the billions apart and
alone our minds unattached and dislocated we can’t
don’t think about connection

But it is connection; that extension that deep and
unapparent strand of understanding stretching
across ourselves amongst ourselves between what
we think and what we do…as we live…the meaning of
tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow

It is connection…human to human, direct me to you, them 
to us connection that allows magnificence that disavows
horror that paves the road to tomorrow that lightens the
dark corners of ourselves so we can see the two halves;
see what we need to see

Seeing builds perspective view vision of duality of knowing
both sides; who we are while connecting while being us
leads to being human to being magnificent in the glory
of our insignificance…we are nothing everything and
always always always connected.

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