open and closed

She had that look that smile that
air of noticeability as she held
the door, held her ground, held
me in contempt all while I’m thinking
the door is open and closed

It’s a weird reaction, this thing idea
this rolling landscape carpet of
time stretching invisibly in front
trailing shadows behind, the stamp
of impermanence now

The reaction is indelible and
continuing; all falling forward to
an end unseen unfelt unheard
but here and there…and here
until it is not…there

She knew the result before the
beginning before the trajectory
was engaged was initiated was
in freefell upwards and seemingly
unstoppable…but wasn’t

Watching as it ended as it began
to fade like spilled water on white
linen; dark but then slowly…not
until gone and she knew she knew
that starting is not enough

I am still where I was where, she was
now just waiting for the echo’s to go,
to stop agreeing with the universe
that open or closed, a door is always
a door

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