The Safety of Loneliness

At the intersection between
what we believe and what is
real/solid/here and there…
lay a small lie we tell ourselves
a tiny fabrication, a microcosm
of our world that we cannot
live without

A tiny peek into the future, just
seconds ahead—just a moment
of thought—is the essence of
who we are even though we
can’t ever admit to ourselves
that truth…that thing we can’t
see without seeing

The lie we tell ourselves without
knowing we do…or who we are…
is that here is better than there
because (and only because)
we are here and not there, we
are motionless powerless
we think

The safety of loneliness is in
that lie, that tiny fraction of time
while we yearn urge and are
propelled toward love sex
companionship and the graceful
envelope we imagine
in our minds

The intersection, the moment, the
minute by minute play that we
attend to…all formulated to keep
us looking seeking searching for
the hidden meaning; the one we
believe is us

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