only and always

You can’t fix people, no band aids
no salves no cold compress on souls
on broken hearts you can’t fix what
you can’t see feel only know though
words through watching the sad
sad show we call living we call life
You can be there be here in this little
moment this time this infinitesimal
place you can be who you are, the
person that knows that has that is the
link between what was before and
what is now and remind and memorialize
the single minutes the sparse seconds
of thinking when thoughts dreams
ideas knew nothing of today of now
You can be the bridge across the last
minute to the next one…the one that
hurts that tears that rips to shreds the
past, that denies the existence of love of
happy of new and improved…of what
we all think; that it won’t change, it
won’t evolve revolve into something
else when we all think…we do, we do…
that happiness depends and counts
on us never changing having and
holding forever the dream of who we
are smiling beaming glancing with that
sparkle that glint in eyes that knowing
look of love…of love…of love now
gone like the minutes seconds day
years weeks that the person you want
to need to have to fix sees only and

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