It’s not

It’s not what we’re made of; bones and blood
ideas lodged firmly in places never seen, never
felt but there and there until we don’t know
anything but what we know

It’s not the same, this living this life, this forever
in the small tide pools of thinking, or sinking
we slide slowly towards a tomorrow that we
would stop if we could…if we could

It’s not above or below but around and around
like the song in your head, it’s the sound of
living, the sound of falling deeply irrevocably
into the future we can’t stop from being

It’s not me…it’s not you but us living as atoms
bouncing colliding a Gaussian blur as our
orbits enmesh and divide into simple space
into who we are alone apart

It’s not the past that binds that holds us tight
but our hearts entwined with the fantasy
the dream of who we are when who we are
is nowhere near today

It’s not all and nothing it’s the beginning, the
moment that we breathe see are seen as
the people who live in this time this day
this hour minute second heartbeat

It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s not them
it’s us

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