She Came From Brazil

It was a signal, a moment in time for her to know, to
let go of the instant, the brief vision of now, she
breathed and unclenched with heart with soul, she
stepped free of a past held tight, held close…held.

One step led to two led to a journey across the world
onto a place a time a moment new and now, she
spread arms wide and mind open she watched and
felt the gladness swell the joy build…until it was false

And it was false, a veiled promise not to be kept
she gasps and air escapes though lips through
time she works hidden in the system toward a goal
a dream an instant seen so long ago and so far away

The road is hard long rocky and filled with places of
deceit of incompetent well meaning, she keeps family
and home close inside while storms rage while
storms…rage…she keeps her eyes open forward

Choices are made hard difficult choices looked at from
angles from despair from exasperation she chooses
and she lets go of some she doesn’t want to, hopes
for a change soon for the difference to be minimal

And she waits because waiting is what she does now
while details emerge are described are followed are
oceans of ink of forms and of long stretches of time
like shelves of books unread, she waits.

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