I was thinking of the phrase “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger” and I have some concerns. If you think about Darwinism and the fact that natural selection weeds out undesirable genes—generally those genes that have a negative effect on the species ability to propagate…ineffectual genes are ignored (most of our DNA are these junk genes) then the act of “almost” killing you really does nothing to the genealogical chain. Especially, if it is not directly involved in either the birth or mate selection process—2 major contributors to genealogical change—therefore the “something that doesn’t kill you” has no ability to make any significant (read; future) change to you or your genes. In fact, the “something that didn’t kill you” usually just hurts like a mother fucker and gives you nothing positive in return so the phrase is meaningless.

Also, if you think about it logically, *anything* that does not do you in—kills you, offs you, destroys, mangles, mauls or otherwise fucks you up until you are dead dead dead—qualifies in this case to make you stronger. Um, don’t get me wrong but eating 4 bowls of double-dip chocolate ice cream back to back makes me stronger? OK, where the fuck do I sign up for that?

So, next time someone says that little phrase to you (thinking they’re helping you out), whack ‘em in the face with a board or a pool cue…to make them stronger of course 😉

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