We Knew Expansive Landscapes

We wake up one day, one dismal
dreary morning we feel the earth move
slowly beneath us, around us it is a
stop motion existence, stuttering
and shaking we feel it all as we go on,
as we think as we feel as we realize
how stopped we are, how motionless
we’ve become how small our horizons
have shrunk, we breathe shallow
breaths and wait, but nothing changes
on it’s own nothing surfaces to replace
the nothing we already know…

When did we know that we couldn’t
that we ourselves were the blockage, were
the stoppage…the brick wall in our path
when did we know?  Was it early was it
birth was it a long time coming was it
suddenly upon us…but we stop ourselves
thinking—because we knew freedom—we 
knew expansive landscapes, we knew that
we could…innately, naturally, we knew
one time, one moment but we are hanging
on to what we forgot…

The secret to doing, to being, to having
the future sitting in our hands, having
the moment untouched and new, we
know the secret is to not know that we
can’t…to be in that glorious moment
of ignorance where the world is free
and available for all who ask, who try
who persevere to capture and hold the
moment, the minute…without regard
without fear, without thought of what
comes next what is planned what is
left to be feared…

In that dismal morning, we fear ourselves
and by doing so, we stop our world
and curse ourselves to live in the eternal
moment just before we decide, always
seeing the decision there, waiting to
make us free and we cannot move we
cannot feel because someone, somewhere
told us convinced us that we were unable
immature weak slow stupid unlovable
ugly retarded fat skinny loud obnoxious
and we believed that we couldn’t and
by believing, we knew we couldn’t

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