Gone Fishing

You know, I know, everyone knows the saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime” and we intrinsically know that it’s complete bullshit. First, what the hell do we have to teach?  “Um, hey Fred, stand here and hold this long cylindrical object…now when something moves, you need to jerk it real quick, up and down.” so basically, if Fred was in front of a computer it would be called masturbation.

Really, what do you teach when you teach someone to fish? Are you teaching them to sit still?  To wait for hours? To hold a pole in their hands? Frankly people know how to do that already so if you find someone who needs to be taught those lessons, they have bigger problems than fishing.

I’ve heard this saying in relation to entitlements that the government gives out and the thinking, I’ve gleaned, is that education and job training is the important stuff that needs to be expanded but what are you teaching?  Can you teach someone to want a job?  To want to be productive? To view work as something meaningful and fulfilling?  If people do not have these feelings already, then it’s highly doubtful that any adult education course is going to teach that to them.

Those ideals and concepts aren’t taught anyway, they are instilled by society, friends and family over time and by example.  It’s fathers getting up early and going to work, by moms juggling households and work, it’s teachers having high expectations and demanding that they be met.

Um, if you need to teach someone to value their time and effort enough to know that it can be traded for a financial reward then better to teach them to sit still and wait with a pole in their hands I think.

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