A Merry Wish From Science

In the footsteps of our famous,
our likely and our truly revered
I would like to bid to all of you
that, from me, you’ve most feared

No, it’s not a Merry Christmas
nor a hale and happy New Year
you get those already, too many
so please just let me be clear

I wish you, more than anything
to wake up to yourself this day
to love that person you find there
and that this is what you’ll say

“I cannot separate myself from you
though I might try with bullet and gun
singular but with different appearances
on the same trajectory, we’re not quite done”

“In the hearts of stars and galaxies
every part of us was once born there
we’ve circulated, have been everything
the land, the sea, yes…even the air”

bosons and mesons, particles too small
aligned in a way that makes an atom
with atoms all colliding and coalescing
and coming together in a new fashion

it becomes solid, weak and strong forces
rotating and orbiting within and without
until happenstance decides a resting state
that ultimately leaves no doubt

carbon and hydrogen, helium and others
all composed the same but quite different
they self-align, lattice like and complete
a probability factor made self-eveident

only physical laws are governing
all we can say and all we can ever do
we can cover that with god and religion
but it will never be literally true

science cares nothing of our wishes
nothing of our wants and needs
while yes it underpins our existence
it must be oblivious to our pleas

it cannot be argued nor cajoled
against which physical evidence exists
as what is “not known” in a point of time
becomes the subjects of our myths

science says “I don’t know” quite happily
needing no period to mark the end of a page
it will wait until the means is derived
testing and searching, age to age to age

what I say to you this Christmas eve
with love and caring and heartfelt cheer
is that it is you and you and you and you
who will make this…an amazing year

you will do so because you are made so
but not divinely, by design or from fears
you will do so as the end point ellipsis
pointing to the next almost 14 billion years

Believe. Go. Do.


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