New Year

It’s an interesting thing how we assign specific and special value to a day, simply an arbitrary moment in time…New Year’s…that instant when our planet begins another rotation around our sun. While it is an obvious physical beginning—as in physics—in our minds it’s also a psychic beginning, a new path, that we mark by celebration with family and friends. This year brings an end to some of the most divisive and desultory happenings that we’ve experienced in a long, long time with tragedy and madness, despair and destruction…and a population actively working against itself toward the common good of no one it seems.

My message is the same as last year and the year before as it will be for next year…if I had one wish that would change the world, I would sincerely wish that the love you find is for yourself, first and foremost. By that simple change, everything changes…our society evolves and we become more than we have ever been. Knowing that it is just a wish, unrealistic and likely impossible, I am hoping that at least a few people who may read it find energy and meaning in it and begin to change themselves. That by so doing, they change their world…

…and ours as well. Happy New Year my friends.

Believe. Go. Do.


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