super-secret, industrial-strength problem solving capabilities

People want simple solutions to complex problems but those answers just don’t exist. It’s not that the simple solutions don’t exist, they do and in fact there are literally billions of them, it’s that people look at their problems and they make them complex because they cannot believe that what they feel could come from something simple.

People are told that all problems are masses of complexity that need to be broken down into individual components and then each component broken down into constituent parts…and on and on…until they arrive at something that is reasonably sized for them to handle. The actual answer, however, is on the other end of that spectrum.

Start with the feeling; the hurt, the sorrow, the remorse, whatever is the product of the problem—the “bad” outcome—and solve that. Done.

Haaa ha, OK, you’re mouth is open, you’re thinking “WTF?” and you have a right to that incredulity but it really is that simple. Whatever complexity occurred on the creation end of the problem will always end up with an output (the “bad” stuff) that is not complex at all. In fact it is very simple. You feel like shit.

Solve that.

You have the power now. You own all the super-secret, industrial-strength problem solving capabilities already…just use them.

Believe. Go. Do.


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