Which side to live on

In your mind, in your imagination, you have no limitations so you are easily able to reach the greatest heights, surmount the greatest obstacles…be the person who you believe, truly believe yourself to be. Concert pianist, mountain climber, Nobel laureate, skydiver, captain of industry, singer of songs…and actor on the worlds stage…these ARE your accomplishments within your imagination.

There is a wall, however, between your imagination and the real world. A wall you’ve built and rebuilt over the years. When you do not love and accept yourself for all of who you are; each failure, each disappointment in yourself, each and every small cut and tear of your confidence is a brick, a bolt, a reinforcement of that wall.

When you look at your life and it does not match the one that you have imagined, you don’t have a “insufficient motivation”, “failure to believe” or “lack of imagination” problem…you have a wall problem. The dreams and ideas o…f who you want to be—who you believe you should be—are held hostage behind that wall.

On one side of the wall you know you can, on the other side you know you can’t.

Both are right. Decide which side to live on.

Believe. Go. Do.


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