The one thing in our lives that is guaranteed and we can never stop from happening is that we die. Everything else that affects us is determined by the choices we make even when we don’t know we’re making choices.

An example is that when you are an infant and your mother is angry and scolds you with mean eyes, you feel unloved so you choose to cry because you’ve learnt that crying makes your mother stop scolding you. It makes her mean eyes soften and show love instead. When you are older and in a relationship and your partner is mad at you with his or her mean eyes, it might feel like you “automatically” feel unloved and sad—and may even want to cry—but you are merely repeating the choice that you had made as an infant.

You are choosing to be sad, in reaction to someone you love showing that they might not love you, over and over again throughout your life.

One of the secrets to being happy is to know that you are the one making the choices. To know that you are able to choose.

Believe. Go. Do.


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