we vibrate, covet, we are the shadow

We can be virtuous with
grandeur and aplomb
laughing with, begetting
truth in all we do, we
can arouse and select
through distant memories
and never know how far
off we’ve ever been
how close the moment is,
the one that might one
day set us free, we can
be internal and external
but always in transition;
we vibrate, covet, we
are the shadow of
the love we’ve learned
to share…to spread
with word and deed,
touch and song, the
perfect signature to a long
forgotten dream
signed and sealed,
delivered in our sleep, we
more than are, we were…
written of, sang about
lived and died, we survive
past the idea of us, of
living itself and become
an equality, a congruent
motion, moment and
always we will conclude
we are additions—never
subtractions—in this long
running equation some
call life, some call living,
some call god, some call
hell, some call subatomic,
some call and call and
never get a reply.

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