In a Free Market

In a free market…

I absolutely believe that men and women—collectively; workers—within a company have the right to gather and form a united group—a union of workers—and to use that union as the facility by which they collectively negotiate with the company that employs them. I believe that the subject of the negotiations can be anything the union believes is in the best interest of the workers including wages, job conditions, seniority, safety, etc. Period. End of paragraph.

I also absolutely believe that the company that employs the workers has the right (and fiduciary responsibility to its stakeholders) to define the rules and policies by which they manage their business as long as those rules and policies do not break US federal or state laws. I believe businesses have the right to define a policy that states that they do not employ any person who is represented by a union. Period. End of paragraph.

Now, without governmental protection, let’s see unions compete in a free market where they have to show the advantages of being unionized.


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