On the whole Benghazi thing…the point isn’t the content of the lies the administration told but the fact that they, as a group, decided to lie in the first place. To cut through all the fuzz and fog, here’s an analogy that hopefully puts things in perspective.

You and your spouse have been having an on again, off again argument about your spouse’s gambling at a card game run by one of your spouse’s friends. You keep saying that you can’t afford the losses and that there are way more losses than wins. Your spouse has argued that there are more wins but the actual losses can’t be refuted so eventually, you both agree that your spouse will stop going to the card games.

One Monday morning you look online at the bank balance of your joint account and see that there is a bunch of money missing. You immediately suspect that your spouse has been gambling again so you confront them. Your spouse explains that there was a mugger identified in the neighborhood and that, over the weekend, on the way home from work with their paycheck, the mugger robbed your spouse at gunpoint. You ask them to repeat the story several times over the next few days and your spouse doesn’t change the story. A week later, a friend of your spouse calls you and tells you that your spouse lost a load of money at a card game Saturday night.

You immediately confront your spouse and the answer you get is, “Yeah, the money was lost at cards but…what difference does it make now, the money is long gone.”

Now tell me how you feel about your spouse, their integrity and their respect for you…

…that’s the point.

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