Was thinking about this over the weekend…what does a corporation do when products they sell habitually kill people BUT the products make them billions $$ so they don’t actually want to stop selling the product OR revise the makeup of the product to make it safer? As I see it, very few have the fiduciary balls to actually own up to the issue (the money to fix the problem is subtracted directly from profits) so they simply set the PR hounds on the trail who then set out, through massive ad blitz’s and sophisticated ad campaigns to “redefine” the products.

This redefinition often leads to increased sales, absurdly enough, based on heightened brand awareness and the intensified focus by the corporation on the new message. Same product, same deaths and injuries, different media campaign apparently equals increased sales.

The thing that got me thinking along these lines was this phrase, which has gone into high volume rotation and has been repeated a million times since last week’s beheading in London;

“The religion of peace.”

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