until it is true


There are no magic words to say, no clichéd little statements or cloying affirmations that will suddenly allow you to reach the potential you do or don’t realize you have. No amount of “likes” on a social website for bumper sticker slogans has the ability to abruptly change the fundamental essence of who you are, regardless the prettiness of the font or the serenity of the background.

Reading about change in a book, sell-help or otherwise, will not cause you to start consistently doing things differently. Change is not something you buy online or in a store. Change cannot be borrowed or lent out, it cannot be shared and it cannot be given away. Change is so simple that it may make you giggle and so horribly difficult that it will make you weep and collapse from exhaustion. Change happens in a split second and takes decades to occur. Change is impossible…and possibly the most natural thing to do.

Change is all of these things, but at its core, change is simply the sincere agreement you make with yourself that there *was* a before and there *is* an after…

…and you will not stop until it is true.

Believe. Go. Do.


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