L.A. we hardly knew ye…

Almost 7 billion people on this planet…imagine a meteorite lands in L.A. tomorrow with a rapidly reproducing virus that we have no protection from. Zero. When it hits it creates a city sized dust cloud quickly spreading it’s deadly payload including LAX…which spreads the virus to the rest of the world. Gestation is 3-4 days and by the end of the week half the population is gone. By the end of the month 90% of humanity is no more.

By July 4th you believe that you are the only one alive on Earth.

When the meteorite hit you were on vacation at an “all included” spa that runs on wind and solar energy…there is canned and frozen food enough to last until you are old. Past the point you might commit suicide. There’s a book and DVD library, several clothes stores…you have everything you need but you are alone and will be until you die. On the day you realize this, that you are alone forever, are you a different person from who you were before?

Does that fact that no one has any expectations of you change who you are?

No one to tell you that cannot do that…you cannot sing that…you cannot build that. Simply; you cannot, cannot, cannot. If there is no one left on the planet to tell you that something you want to do is impossible despite your obvious effort and interest…

…does that mean you can?

Believe. Go. Do.


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