The fact that you have an opinion vastly different from mine doesn’t anger me. The idea that there are many routes to the truth (let alone understanding what truth is), and that you have chosen a route I am not familiar with, doesn’t make me feel like my route is somehow inferior. The notion that dissenting beliefs can coexist and even flourish amongst the many tribes of man doesn’t concern nor upset me in the slightest. No, much of what was just described is called civilization and, in fact, is entirely required for any of this maelstrom we call society to work effectively.

Political correctness assumes I should be angry, I should feel inferior and should be concerned.

What I do know, as deeply and solidly as I know I breathe, is that we cannot get close to sensing and seeing reality without these ugly, internecine fights waged daily, hourly and likely every minute of every day for they clear away the debris of the mind. They shock and destroy the veil of fantasy, bit by bit, fold by fold, until what we believe matches what is actually there; reality.

We cannot see reality for ourselves because our reference is ourselves and will forever block our view until another human comes along to throw up a competitive idea, an alternate path. It’s by defending what we feel and believe that allows us to see the cracks, the shifts that bely the error our perception is built upon.

Political correctness seeks to end the uproar, the distaste, the clash of competing ideas and therefore seeks to end the path to reality because reality is not pretty. It is not nice or warm and fuzzy or kind to strangers and it definitely does not respond to emotion or attempts to cajole. Simply, reality doesn’t know or care about anything therefore cannot be bullied or forced to represent something that it is not.

Political correctness is always the attempt to do just that.

Believe. Go. Do.


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