It’s My Fault

This is what I know; if I find a message—political, sexual, societal or otherwise—that I find offensive (or obscene or weird or absurd or funny or whatever) in something someone does like in a song they sang or a video they were in or a painting they created or just by their body language as they stand on the street then that message is there purely because I put it there.

Yep, it’s my fault. Totally.

The truth is that I get to decide—me, me and only me—what upsets me, what rankles me, rubs me the wrong way, pisses me off…makes me smile, giggle, ripple with pleasure, laugh…what makes me feel anything because I am the only one on this entire planet of almost 7 billion other humans who controls me…who can EVER control me.

Miley Cyrus doesn’t control me.
Barak Obama doesn’t control me.
The Catholic Church doesn’t control me.
Syria doesn’t control me.
The oil lobby doesn’t control me.
The guy in the blue Chrysler who cut me off on the West Side Highway doesn’t control me.
Republicans don’t control me.
Democrats don’t control me.
Rabid demon clowns at midnight on Avenue C and 11th street with human blood dripping off oversized fangs don’t control me.

Aside from simply physics (if I push you, you will fall down) there is nothing that anyone on this little rock, spinning at a thousand miles an hour, slinging it’s way around the sun at about a million miles per hour, can do or say that will “make” me do anything that I do not first agree to do.


The only thing I absolutely have to do, that I do not have any control over whatsoever, is that one day (many, many years from now) I have to die. That’s it. Nothing else is on the “you must” menu.

All the uproar about Obama or Miley or Assad or <insert current enraged diatribe here> and how it is or isn’t sexist/racist/obscene/elitist/socialist/whatever-ist is all entirely created by the people doing the yelling. They want to be enraged, they choose to be enraged…they feel validated to be enraged because it serves their purposes.

It is a choice they make.

You can choose otherwise.

Believe. Go. Do.


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