Aren’t You Noble…

There is nothing intrinsically noble about life because nobility (as defined as an exalted moral or mental character or excellence) is a choice people make. People choose how to act or react in specific scenarios and situations and it is that behavior that is labeled or not labeled as “noble”.

No one has ever chosen to be born.

What is noble is to view life not as an endless series of uncontrolled and transient circumstances being slung at us at great velocity but to joyously embrace the fact that we are here for such a very short time and that these circumstances should be elevated and rejoiced. Reality is virtually unaware of our existence as all of our wars and miseries make nary a dent in the comings and goings of the universe. Massive galaxies, stars and immeasurably distant planets are no more aware of us as we are of the atoms that make up the shoes we wear, the ground we stand on…the air we breathe.

Knowing that the only difference our passing makes—the only possible difference and it is to other people—is the ongoing memories that we create in those whom we meet and interact with. It is a rolling aggregate of memories, built up over the last 100,000 years as lives affected lives again and again and again. Some call this civilization, others zeitgeist…and still others karma but without it we are merely shadows that pass over the ground, leaving nothing disturbed and no mark that we had been here.

Nobility is not just granted to us for merely being alive…


…it is chosen by us when we validate and remember those that are living around us.

Believe. Go. Do.


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