Friends again

You feel very, very strongly for what you believe in. You have extremely strong feelings. I get it, I really do. You can’t for the life of you imagine what the fuck those other guys are thinking…it makes absolutely no sense to you…nor does it make any sense to your friends. I totally get that you want what is best for the people of America, all people, and that you’re only trying to get those other guys to believe the same thing. You try but you just can’t see it from their point of view; no matter what they say it all just sounds so…idiotic…and you can’t help saying that out loud.

It seems like their arguments are all based on a very narrow view about what should and shouldn’t be done…both of which you absolutely 100% disagree with…and that they will not seriously listen to you, no matter how you ask or the well thought-out arguments you have. You’re getting angry because it seems goddamn unfair, that they’re taking advantage of the system and definitely not playing by the rules.

You’re scared that they’ll win and you’ll be forced to do things that you don’t believe in and don’t want to support. You feel helpless to stop them and want the people who represent you to get off their do-nothing asses and change things…to stop those other guys from winning, from gaming the system.

You feel helpless and without power.

The four paragraphs above apply equally to every single person involved with the current government crisis. The thing that should bring us together—our passion and beliefs and the strength of our ideals—is exactly the thing that is tearing us apart. We are poised across a battlefield, staring and waiting for the other side to blink…for someone to inadvertently cough…to set off the greater war. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It only takes a few simple, honest and heartfelt words to end this insanity but just saying them is likely the toughest action that anyone involved in this madness can take. There has to be someone who can swallow their pride, stand tall and throw off the yolk of fear and say…

…loudly and proudly…

“You know, those Iranians need some pounding, fuck this screaming about unsustainable debt and Obamacare bullshit, let’s go to war!”

And we call all be friends again.

Believe. Go. Do.


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