Choose or…

I certainly get the gist of this article and think it’s an important message but I also want to say that if women just stayed away from assholes, this activity would cease immediately…and we’d have far fewer assholes in the world. Believe me, if we take assholes out of the gene pool by women refusing to procreate with them, they will “evolve”…or at least they will learn to hide their assholeishness pretty damn deep.

Anyone woman who makes a choice, for whatever reason, to stay with a man who constantly and consistently makes derogatory comments about their weight or their performance or their (insert sensitive area here) and then that man retreats with a laughing/dismissive/wtf? excuse when called out…well, you made the choice, suck it up. And this goes for any negative destructive behavior towards the woman…not just nasty comments and sarcastic/evil jokes but the silent treatment, pouting and acting like a child, etc.

We’re goddamn grownups for fuck sake.

Let me say this to my women peeps, and I sincerely apologize if it’s taken the wrong way but if you go out with or marry an asshole and you know he’s an asshole then I have little sympathy for you. If you go out with or marry an utterly amazing and sensitive man who then turns into an asshole…and you choose to stay with him knowing he is an asshole…well, again, I have little sympathy for you.

No, you aren’t crazy or imagining it or too sensitive, etc. (unless you actually are one of those things ) but if you consciously make a choice to be with and around an asshole–and I don’t give a fuck about your reason–then you are agreeing that you deserve to be treated like shit.

Listen to this closely because this is something I know, if I know anything on this planet; you are an incredible and beautiful person who deserves to be loved and to love others, not because of any special thing you’ve done or because of any specific look or talent, but because you are human and you are here.

Love yourself–first and foremost–and the assholes will all go away because they can’t control or destroy someone who is immune to their petty, controlling, shitty little antics.

And controlling and destroying you is what they really want anyway.

Believe. Go. Do.



A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy”


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