Dreamt Dark

Miss America
she dreams of
darkness drowning
lapping pools of
sadness, shaping dunes
swirling eddies, she
dreams of darkness
drowning running
tied in knots
of choices of
voices of lost and
running emptiness
she dreams
of darkness…watching
sad streets, immobile
homeless men
always men
talking to shadows of
American dreams
of darkness
she casts a wide
net…watching motionless
and rising falling
moving in
and out like breath
mindless and scared
she dreams of
darkness…a new day
only marginally
different, statistically
invalid…it is a day
dreamt dark
a shallower deepness
found nowhere
else, the damned
while she imagines
streets of men
not really there
dark and drowned
shaped and tied
up with the
American Dream

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